Frequent Questions

Customers come first at Jackson Energy Authority. If you have a question about your utilities, cable TV, Internet or telephone services, we are always happy to help. Below is a list of frequently asked questions that offers introductory answers about getting service, reading your bill and several other topics. Click on a subject heading below to view questions and answers relating to your selection. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on our website or from other sources. Should you have any further questions or if you need immediate assistance, please call us at 731.422.7500 to speak with one of our friendly customer service representatives.

FAQ about our services

What services are available?
How can I sign up for services?
I am moving, how do I transfer service?
How do I read my bill?

"JEA My Bill" first-time users
Using the "JEA My Bill" payment website
"JEA My Bill" SMS text to phone
"JEA My Bill" Email PDF

What services are available?

JEA customers enjoy the convenience of getting electricity, natural gas, propane, water, wastewater, cable TV, Internet, and telephone services from one provider. To see what services are available in your area, call 731-422-7500.

How can I sign up for services?

You can call 731-422-7500 to speak with customer service. Our friendly representatives are available between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. weekdays when you call.  For emergencies we are available 24 hours every day, or you can apply in person:

Customer Center Downtown: 351 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Drive , Jackson, TN  38301
(M-F 8 am-5 pm)

Customer Center North: 2030 Pleasant Plains Ext., Jackson, TN  38305
(M-F 8 am-6 pm, Sat 9 am-1 pm)


I am moving, how do I transfer service?

If you are moving or transferring utility services to another location within our system, call us at 731-422-7500 and give us the details of your move. It is best to give us as much advance notice as possible. A $35 charge to transfer services will be added to your bill.

How do I read my bill?

Your utility bill is based on the amount of utilities that you use. Your bill will reflect this usage, how much you owe for each utility, your total owed by the due date, and the amount owed if you pay after this date. If you have requested additional services or merchandise you may find other charges on your bill such as city garbage collection, or a pole and security light for your yard. For more information about understanding how to read your bill, click here.


When can I set up my account to pay online?

You cannot manage your account online until you receive your first bill in the mail. Once you receive your first paper bill in the mail, you can login to create a profile and pay online.

How do I login to pay my bill online?

Click on the "Manage Account" link in the yellow "Customer Service" box located in the top left section of this website. The "Manage Account" link will direct you to the online bill payment website called "JEA My Bill". If this is your first time to visit the JEA My Bill page, click on the “Sign Up” option to complete Enrollment and create your profile. You will then be able to click on the “Sign In” option to begin using the site to do a number of things.

To make monthly payments: You can Sign In and choose View Bill or Pay Now every month. You can also (a) check your Due Date and Balance (b) View Bill History and Payment History. By clicking on the Menu Bar upper left, you can manage your Profile (c) Turn off Paper invoices being mailed to you (d) set your Notification Preferences and set to receive email and/or sms text to phone notifications by using the My Preferences option (e) Enroll additional JEA accounts to your Profile (f) setup Recurring Payments conveniently to schedule automated payment from your bank account or debit/credit card, (g) save your bank or credit card information for more convenience using the My Wallet option.

To make a one-time payment: You can conveniently make a payment without creating a profile. Use this option for a fast and easy, one-time payment. You will need to have your paper bill and payment account information ready. We accept ATM Debit, e-Check or Credit Card payments.

How do I setup notifications to let me know when my bill is ready?

You will need to login to the new JEA My Bill website to create a profile and setup your email/sms notifications and reminders.

When can I start making payments using the "JEA My Bill" website?

Once you have created a profile and enrolled, you can start making payments as soon as you have a bill available.

I paid my bill using another method other than the website, will the recent payment I made be visible in the site?

No. The website only shows payments that were made by logging in the JEA-My Bill site. If you paid through another method, your account balance shown on the website will be updated on the next business day to reflect the processed payment. Helpful Tip: You may continue to receive email/sms notifications from the website if you paid using another method. These notifications are set to remind you when payments are made using the website. Since a payment was not made online, you may receive a reminder.

I currently pay my bill by automatic bank draft. Will this change?

If you are currently setup to pay your bill by automatic bank draft, nothing has changed. You will continue to be setup on automatic bank draft payments. However, if you wish to manage your payment yourself and set up a recurring profile, please be sure to contact Customer Service to cancel the automatic bank draft.

What types of payment are accepted?

Checking Account, Savings account, Debit and Credit Cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover)

How can I choose to stop receiving my paper bill in the mail if I use the "JEA My Bill" website?

When you create a profile, be sure to swipe or click the 'Turn Off Paper' option until you see the green dot to stop receiving paper bills in the mail. You can also swipe the ‘Turn off paper’ option from the Profile page. If you turn off paper, then make sure you have the “Remind me when new document arrives” notification turned on so that you will know when your new bill is ready. You can change your Notification settings at any time in the "My Preferences” option.

Will my billing history be available in the JEA My Bill website?

Yes, we have already included your last several months of bills in your billing history. If you would like a copy of your bill from an earlier date, please call 422-7500 we will be available to provide a copy for you.

Is the "JEA My Bill" online payment service free?

Yes. This is a free service Jackson Energy Authority offers to its customers.

Do I need to register to use the "JEA My Bill" service if I want to pay my bill online this one time?

No, if you are in a hurry you do not have to register or create an account in order to make a one-time payment.

How will I know my bill is ready to be paid each month?

You can setup email or sms/text reminders and notifications for you online profile.

What is the PDF Email Option?

This option emails you a pdf of your bill. You will be asked to setup a password to use when logging in to the pdf.


I forgot my user name and password to login the JEA My Bill website, how do I reset this?

Click on the "Forgot your user name/password" link below the Login button. This will allow you to reset your login information.

How do I edit my email/sms notification and reminders?

Log in to the JEA My Bill website and click on “My Preferences” menu option in the upper left of the page. You can select email and sms notifications.

How do I choose to go paperless?

Log in and go to Profile/Notifications and Reminders to change this setting.

I want to deactivate my online profile, how can I do this?

Click on the "Deactivate your profile" link below the login button.

Several statements are viewable in the new JEA My Bill website. How do I know which one I need to pay?

Your most recent bill will appear on the "Summary" page. You can click on the "view/pay" button to make a payment on this statement. Note: If you have already paid this bill by another method (mail, drop-off, or in-person at one of our locations) the payment will not be visible online. To easily manage all your bills, you can file any old bills you have previously paid.

Why do I continue to receive notifications and reminders after I paid my bill?

If you paid your bill using any method other than logging in the website, you may continue to receive email and sms reminders. These notifications are only set to notify you of payments made via the website.

"JEA My Bill" SMS text to phone

How do I sign up to receive text message reminders about my bill?

You will need to log in the JEA-My Bill website and go to the “My Preferences” menu option in the upper left of the page, then click on the SMS (text to phone) option. You will need to key in your cell number and service provider and then agree to activate. You should receive a text message upon completion of this activation.

Can customer service setup my SMS (text to phone) notifications for me?

No. Message and data rates may apply so you must register your cell phone number to enroll in this service. Our customer service department cannot register you for text message reminders.

My cell phone carrier is not listed in the carrier dropdown. Can I register for SMS notifications?

No. If your carrier is not shown, you will not be able to use this feature at this time. Our provider is working with cell phone carriers to grow this list. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused.

I have changed my cell phone number or cell phone carrier since I originally signed up for SMS notifications. How do I update my settings to the new number/carrier?

You will need to log in the JEA-My Bill website and go to the “My Preferences” menu option in the upper left of the page, then click on the SMS (text to phone) option. At the bottom of this page, you can change your cell phone number and re-activate for your new number.

"JEA My Bill" Email PDF

What is the PDF Email Option?

If you select this option, each month you will receive an email with a pdf of your bill attached. To enroll in this option, you will be asked to setup a password to use when logging in to the pdf that is attached to your monthly email.

I forgot my password to log in the bill pdf emailed to me. How do I reset?

You will need to call 422-7500 to reset this password. Helpful Tip: This password will not open any previous bills emailed to you as a pdf.