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Jackson Energy Authority is one of very few public utilities in the nation that offers customer the convenience of getting all utilities from one company. We offer electric, natural gas, propane, wastewater, water, cable TV, Internet and telephone services to customers based on their utility needs. While most services can be provided in the City of Jackson and Madison County, there may be areas where service is not available due to restrictions, lack of infrastructure, etc.

Getting services with Jackson Energy Authority is a simple process but could require documents or fees from other sources including the City of Jackson and Madison County. Please refer to the information below to get started.

Locating Your New Business in an Established Facility? OR Are You an Existing Jackson Energy Authority Customer Moving to a Different Facility?

Please download the JEA Commercial/Industrial Service Application below, complete and submit to Jackson Energy Authority using one of the methods below:

Once your application has been received, one of our customer service representatives will call you to continue the process.

New or Existing Business Building a New Facility?

If you are in the process of or making plans to construct a new facility, please visit the Contractor page for more information.

Non-Residential Required Deposits

A non-residential deposit equal to two and one-half times the estimated monthly bill, (which will not exceed twice the highest monthly bill) for the location for which the service has been requested must be paid prior to service initiation, except in cases where the deposit is waived by a Jackson Energy Authority officer.

Non-residential deposits may be required of existing Customers without deposits on file, should the accounts become delinquent or should the service at that location be terminated for non-payment. The deposit amount will be equal to two and one-half times the average monthly bill and will not exceed twice the highest monthly bill.

Alternatives to a cash deposit would be "Irrevocable Letters of Credit" from a reputable banking institution, Surety Bonds, jointly held certificates of deposit, or authorized credit insurance programs. A jointly owned security must show JACKSON ENERGY AUTHORITY as a co-owner and cannot be redeemed without proper Authority authorization.


JEA Commercial/Industrial Service Application

Application required for those new to town and new to Jackson Energy Authority

Propane Service Agreement

Contract necessary for the purchase of propane services through Jackson Energy Authority

JEA Fire Hydrant Meter Agreement

The contract required for installation of fire hydrant meters