At Jackson Energy Authority, our goal is to provide exceptional utility service and to be a leader in customer service. We understand that dependable service is important to our customers and this is why we are willing to backup our performance through our E Guarantee Program.

If you have a question about your services, just give us a call or you can stop by one of our locations: Customer Center Downtown at 351 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Drive; or the Customer Center in North in The Columns at 2030 Pleasant Plains Extended.

You Are Guaranteed:

  • All existing services to residences will be turned on the same day as requested, provided JEA has access to the residence and all necessary inspections are completed. If not, we will waive the $20 service charge.
  • All new, routine residential services will be completed within five working days from the date the JEA service application is completed or the agreed-upon date. If not, JEA will credit your account $20.
  • All security lights will be repaired in two business days from the time reported by the customer. If not, that security light will be free for that month.
  • JEA will read your meters accurately and send you a correct bill each month. If not, JEA will correct the error and credit your account an extra $10.
  • All customer payments accompanied with the monthly invoice will be credited to the proper account. If not, JEA will credit your account with an extra $10.
  • When JEA schedules an appointment with you; a JEA representative will meet you within 30 minutes of the scheduled appointment window. If not, JEA will credit your account $20.
  • Gas lights or grills bought from JEA will be installed within five business days or the agreed-upon date. If not, JEA will credit your account $20.

(All service requests must have received the proper permitting; schedule dates begin upon receipt. Inclement weather or yard conditions may create restrictions in fulfillment. Stock and availability of items may affect delivery dates.)