The electricity powering our community connects us through hundreds of miles of infrastructure to power generation plants in the valley. It’s an essential component of life and economic growth, powering the technologies, devices and conveniences of today. Explore the stories below to learn more about electricity, appliances, meters and system maintenance.

How Electricity Gets to Our Homes, Businesses & Industries How Electricity Gets to Our Homes, Businesses & Industries

To keep our communities powered 24/7, electricity must be generated via power plants and distributed via electric utilities.

Public Power Utilities Public Power Utilities

Public power utilities are community-owned, not-for-profit electric utilities that provide safe, reliable power.

Reliable Public Power Providers Reliable Public Power Providers

Jackson Energy Authority’s mission of delivering safe reliable electric service to our community receives national recognition.

Understanding Energy Use Understanding Energy Use

Don’t let your home take over your energy bill. By understanding how your home consumes energy, you can better manage your energy use.

Appliance Energy Use Appliance Energy Use

Appliances have a big impact on your utility bill. Utilizing the energy guide can help you determine your appliance usage or choosing the right appliance when buying new.

Electric Meters Electric Meters

Knowing where to find your electric meter and how it works helps when you’re monitoring your home’s energy usage.

Outdoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting

From traffic lights to streetlights and security lights, each are critical to the safety and security of our community.