Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy created from sustainable resources such as sunlight, wind, hydropower, geothermal heat, biofuels, and biomass. It is used in place of conventional fuels in the areas of electricity generation, hot water/space heating, transportation, and off-grid energy. Benefits to using renewables include increased energy security, reduced environmental pollution, improved public health and greater economic diversity.

Green Switch Green Switch

Make a lasting impact on the environment by supporting clean, renewable energy and reducing your carbon footprint.

Green Connect Green Connect

In your decision to go solar, make sure your solar system is installed to Jackson Energy Authority and TVA program standards.

Dispersed Power Production Dispersed Power Production

If you have a renewable energy system, you could sell part or all of the power it produces to TVA.

Self-Generated Solar Energy Self-Generated Solar Energy

Thinking about self-generating power by using solar panels? It’s important to discuss your potential project with JEA before beginning.