Wastewater System Cleaning

As part of the wastewater system maintenance, Jackson Energy Authority crews inspect and clean the wastewater pipes on a regular schedule to help remove any accumulated grease, debris or sediment before it creates a blockage.

How are the pipes cleaned?

Jackson Energy Authority uses a method called “hydraulic jetting” performed by the Jet Vac truck. The vehicle is equipped with a long hose that has a jet nozzle attached and a water tank. The hose is fed into the wastewater system through the manhole structures (seen in streets and yards) and high-velocity water is sprayed against the internal pipe walls. The hose/nozzle cleans its way through the pipes until it reaches the next manhole structure. It is then mechanically reeled back through the pipe for a second cleaning. The truck then moves to the next manhole structure and begins again.

What happens in my house or building when cleaning happens in my area?

Will there be any odors during or after the cleaning?

If there are any odors, the cause is that one or more of the plumbing traps is dry. This can be remedied by pouring a quart of water down each fixture to refill the trap. If the odor persists, a licensed plumber should be consulted.

Why is my toilet bubbling, burping or overflowing?

This effect is caused by an improperly functioning plumbing vent. This vent allows air in drain lines to be displaced in order for water to flow down from sinks, toilets and other plumbing fixtures. It also provides ventilation, relieves any pressure drop created during cleaning, and helps prevent odors or sewer gases from traveling through the wastewater system to your home or building. It’s important to inspect the plumbing vent to ensure proper working conditions. A licensed plumber can diagnose the problem and provide suggestions for a solution.

Will I know when cleaning will be done in my area?

Jackson Energy Authority maintenance crews clean the wastewater system in an established pattern along the wastewater system. Notifications will be made to each area before the process begins.