Safety Training

In the event of an emergency or disaster that involves utilities, safety is of the utmost importance. Certain safety measures are required depending on the utility service affected. It’s important for First Responders and Excavators to know what steps to take to stay safe around utilities in the event of an emergency. JEA offers free specialized utilities safety training and workshops throughout the year to help educate our First Responders, Excavators, and Contractors. Dates and information for training will be listed when available.


Who Should Attend First Responder Utilities Safety Training?

All emergency response personnel should attend. Your local pipeline and gas distribution operators want to meet you, the subject matter experts from the emergency response profession. Successful response to any incident is built from good relationships and effective training.

Why Should First Responders Attend?

To develop or maintain relationships with your local pipeline and gas distribution operators. You will also be able to network with fellow first responders and operators in your area to pre-plan a coordinated response, as well as receive updated operator and emergency contact information.

Who Should Attend Excavator Safety Meeting?

Any excavator or contractor in all industries who perform work in and around our area should attend. Having updated damage prevention and safe-digging information is critical to safely working near and maintaining the underground infrastructure in the area where you work.

Why Should Excavators and Contractors Attend?

To learn how to reduce your costs associated with damaging underground utilities. Information regarding safe digging and damage prevention information will be shared, as well as a state one-call overview. Attendees can also network with local pipeline and gas distribution operators to discuss new techniques for keeping your team and communities safe.

Are Continuing Education Units (CEU) available?

Up to two continuing education units are available for attending a program.