Reading Your Water Meter

Jackson Energy Authority water meters measure volume by gallons and are read in hundred gallons, as represented on your bill. To read your meter, locate the odometer-style window on the face of the meter. You should see from left to right, black numbers with a white background and white numbers with a black background. From left to right, read the first four black numbers to determine your read in hundred gallons.

Low Flow Indicator

Most water meters should have a small red, blue or white triangle, gear or star shape that helps determine leaks. If there is no water being used in the house and the indicator is spinning or moving, there may be a leak somewhere. Not all leaks are easy to locate or clearly noticeable so check out our Testing for Leaks section for tips on how to learn if you have a leak.

Meters are typically read around the same time each month, with the date read reflected on your most current bill statement. Usage is determined by subtracting the previous month’s meter read from the current month’s meter read. Billing cycles can range anywhere from 28-32 days depending on holidays and weekends and are indicated on your monthly bill.