Preventing Wastewater Backups

Anything that goes down the drain or the toilet goes into the wastewater system. Keeping solids out of the drains helps keep your plumbing system and the wastewater system free of debris or damage. Any debris that builds up in the plumbing or wastewater system can cause blockages that can result in unpleasant, expensive damage and the risk of exposure to bacteria from raw sewage.

The wastewater system is designed to carry only three things: water, human waste and toilet paper. Anything other than these can cause blockages and major damage to the wastewater pipes and system.

Refrain from Washing it Down the Drain

Keep the following out of the drain:

Can’t Flush This - The Toilet is Not a Trashcan

Keep the following out of the toilet:


Keeping the Wastewater Pipes & System Free of Debris

Whether rinsed down the drain or flushed down the toilet, certain substances DO NOT belong in the wastewater pipes or system.