Our Water

Jackson Energy Authority is responsible for the production and delivery of potable water (water that is safe to drink or use for food preparation) in the Jackson public water system and the Mercer system. Many water utilities around the country responsible for delivering safe drinking water purchase wholesale treated water or source it from surface water, i.e. lakes, rivers, streams and treat it. Our source water is pumped from groundwater in the Memphis Sand and Fort Pillow Sand aquifers, treated, filtered and tested at our two water treatment plants. Due to elevation differences in the city, there are a total of 21 wells providing water to two distinct well fields, North and South. In the Mercer system, two wells extract water from the Memphis Sands and Fort Pillow Sand aquifers for treatment prior to storage in an elevated storage tank at the treatment plant site. As a means of protection, each production well is located within a controlled-access, secure area and components of the wells in all production fields are routinely inspected and maintained.

System Specifics

Jackson Energy Authority’s water system has sufficient capacity for future growth. The North treatment plant operates at 75% capacity with a max capacity of producing 14.4 million gallons per day while the South treatment plant operates at 40% capacity with a max capacity of producing 8 million gallons per day.


TDEC Source Water Assessment