Meter Bases

All meter spots, determined by an engineering inspection, will be made by an authorized Jackson Energy Authority representative before electrical work begins as to determine the point of attachment. The meter spot and point of delivery shall be necessary for, but not limited to, the following:

Meter bases for electric services of 400 amps or below must be purchased by the customer from an electrical supply distributor. Meter bases for electric services above 400 amps will be provided at no cost by Jackson Energy Authority and can be picked up at the Jackson Energy Authority warehouse located at 320 Highway 45 Bypass, Jackson, TN 38301. All meter bases must be installed by the customer on a substantial support free from vibration.

Jackson Energy Authority will not connect a new service unless all of the following applies:

If all of the above applies, Jackson Energy Authority will have three (3) working days after the final inspection has been made to connect electric service. Please consult the Contractor Electric Packet below for requirements and specifications.

Current Transfomer (CT) Enclosure

Please consult the Contractor Electric Packet below for more requirements and specifications.


Contractor Electric Packet

Necessary information for both residential and commercial electric services.