Excess Flow Valves

A federal regulation of the U.S. Department of Transportation concerning gas pipeline safety requires all natural gas utilities to inform customers of their right to request the installation of an Excess Flow Valve (EFV) on qualified natural gas service lines. An EFV is a mechanical shut-off device that can be installed in the gas piping running to the gas meter at your property, known as the “service line.” It is designed to shut off the flow of natural gas automatically in the event the gas service line breaks or is damaged by outside forces.

If your service line and meter capacity meet certain criteria, and you are willing to pay the initial install cost of $500, Jackson Energy Authority will install an EFV in the existing service line to your property. Certain criteria such as high gas flow (total load does not exceed 1,000 scfh), low pressure or other factors will determine whether or not an EFV may be installed on your service line. If the EFV has to be replaced later due to the addition of gas appliances in which the total load exceed the capacity of the EFV or if the EFV malfunctions (sticks open or closed) – which industry experience shows is rare, we will install a replacement EFV at no additional cost.

If you are interested in possibly having an EFV installed in your existing natural gas service line, please call 422-7500. One of our customer service representatives will take your information. Once our Engineering Department has evaluated your service line qualifications, crews will come out to install the EFV at a mutually agreeable time. You will be billed the appropriate charges after the installation is complete.