Delivery of Gas Services

To have gas services delivered to the build site, contractors must submit a gas permit application and all customer-installed piping must pass a rough-in inspection from either the City of Jackson or Madison County. Final inspections will be performed by Jackson Energy Authority before a gas meter can be set and services turned on.

If propane is the fuel source needed, a propane service agreement must be completed and returned to Jackson Energy Authority.

If natural gas is the fuel source needed, a commercial/residential natural gas request application must be completed and returned to Jackson Energy Authority. For natural gas, Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) provides a standard delivery pressure of seven inches of water column (approximately 0.25 psi) for natural gas. The feasibility of providing a delivery pressure other than standard pressure and the type of metering and pressure regulation required shall be determined by JEA. If criteria have not been met or if any safety concerns arise, denial of requests for non-standard natural gas pressure could occur.


Gas Facility Installation/Relocation/Modification/Extension Rate Schedule

All fees associated with gas installations, relocations, modifications or extensions.

Commercial/Residential Natural Gas Request Application

Application required when requesting natural gas services (new construction or changes to existing natural gas service)

Propane Service Agreement

Contract necessary for the purchase of propane services through Jackson Energy Authority.
City Commercial & Residential Gas Applications Madison County Gas Application