Crews & Worksites

Our employees are dedicated to providing the safest, most reliable utility services every day. It’s a responsibility that requires maintenance and repair done by individual servicemen, a small crew or large multi-person, multi-equipment worksites. These crews and worksites can be seen throughout the community day or night, in any kind of weather, often in the line of traffic. Distracted or non-attentive drivers can pose a serious risk to themselves, the crews and worksites and traffic around them.

It’s imperative for every driver to MoveOver when approaching utility worksites.

Tennessee’s Move-Over law was created for police, firefighters and other emergency personnel and amended in 2011 to include work zones of utility workers. The law outlines a safe zone for protection and requires motorists to slow down or move over when approaching these areas. For more information and testimonials from utility workers impacted, visit the link below.