Backflow Prevention Assemblies

Jackson Energy Authority works to prevent cross connections within our water system by following a state-approved Cross Connection Control Policy. A cross connection occurs when a non-drinking water source comes in contact with our drinking water system, often resulting from a change in water pressure causing the reverse flow of water.

Every Jackson Energy Authority commercial customer and any residential customer with a swimming pool and/or lawn irrigation system connected directly to the water system must install and maintain a backflow prevention assembly. This device prevents water from flowing backward and re-entering the main water supply. A backflow prevention brochure can be obtained by calling 731-422-7517.

The backflow prevention assembly must be included in contractor site plans and installed by the contractor based on the Jackson Energy Authority installation criteria. All backflow prevention assemblies must be tested every calendar year and a fee of $50 will be included on the water bill for testing by Jackson Energy Authority.


Backflow Prevention Assembly Installation Criteria

Installation requirements and considerations for the installation of backflow prevention assemblies.