What is Energy Check?

Energy Check is an energy-management tool for the medium-to-large industrial or commercial customer. With a meter upgrade and communication line to the meter, the Energy Check service provides detailed, easy to read reports regarding energy consumption. All information is accessible through the Internet via a password protected account.

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Managing Energy Costs

To manage your energy costs, you must understand how you use energy and gain access to the data regarding your energy usage. Variables affecting energy costs include time-of-day use, weather conditions, demand peaks, and rate schedules. Energy Check gives you relevant and reliable data to make informed process decisions that can save you money.

With Energy Check, your have access to your electric usage information at any time via the Internet. Use the service to access information to:

  • Create a load profile for your facility to determine periods of peak demand.
  • Monitor energy usage during non-operating hours to identify energy waste.
  • Evaluate the effects of specific equipment operation on your utility costs.
    Trend kWh, kW, kVA, kVAR, and power factor and produce reports for any desired time period.
  • Produce an estimated electric bill for any desired time period. (Provide your accounting department the estimated electric bill on the first day of the month.)

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