ACP White House Recognition

Ben Lovins, JEA Sr. Vice-President Telecom, was in the White House Rose Garden May 9, 2022 as the Jackson Energy Authority was one of twenty companies recognized for participation in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) – the largest high-speed internet affordability program in U.S. History.

EPlus Broadband is offering an ACP package to qualified households based on income or participation in other federal qualifiers such as Pell Grants, Medicaid, SNAP, Federal Public Housing Assistance and Supplemental Security Income.

The White House noted that commitments from large providers and smaller providers such as Jackson Energy Authority in Tennessee to Comporium in North Carolina will allow tens of millions of ACP-eligible households to receive high-speed Internet.

Ben Lovins stated, “EPlus Broadband has developed a package that fully meets White House requirements in affordability and speed (100 Megabits per second).”  Lovins added, “From our beginning the Jackson Energy Authority built fiber-to-the-home infrastructure in every Jackson neighborhood.  Participation in this national initiative is consistent with our mission.”


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