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At Jackson Energy Authority, we believe education with practical, high tech training experience produces promising engineering students for the future. Our Co-Operative Engineering Program allows engineering students to receive real world training experience in electric, gas or water/wastewater engineering with a goal of completing engineering duties by the end of the program. We incorporate leading edge technology, which has made us a leader in the utility industry.

Jackson Energy Authority involves civil, electrical and mechanical engineering co-ops in all aspects of layout, design and implementation of utility systems. Co-ops complete assignments such as:

Co-op students use state-of-the-art PC's, running programs such as AutoCAD, Excel and Word as well as network modeling programs for electric, gas, water, and wastewater systems. JEA also utilizes an ESRI Geographical Information System (GIS) and a third generation Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system. The SCADA system monitors and controls two water treatment plants (one 14.4-million-gallon-per-day and one 10-million-gallon-per-day), two wastewater treatment plants (one 20-million-gallon-per-day and one 10-million-gallon-per-day) and 28 electric substations from a single dispatch location. The Master Stations utilize the HSQ Technologies Miser system. Data from the SCADA system aids in the planning and design of facilities. Co-op students also use GPS (Global Positioning Systems) and surveying total station equipment for field surveys and inventories. In addition to program and systems training, co-op students get the opportunity to work in the field with various crews to learn more about system construction, operation and maintenance. This work training opportunity provides the engineering experience necessary for students to be capable of performing engineering duties following graduation.

Participation in the Co-Operative Engineering Program counts as one-year engineering experience towards the P.E. exam. Jackson Energy Authority provides a competitive salary while training and an excellent job reference following graduation.

Do you qualify?

Any student considering a Jackson Energy Authority Co-Op engineering position should:

To obtain more information about opportunities at JEA, contact Human Resources at 731-422-7331 or email

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