CO-OP Experience

"The co-operative education experience available at Jackson Energy Authority offers many unique opportunities for any engineer looking to add real-world exposure to their educational experience.  During my time at JEA, I was able to extensively utilize several computer programs (AutoCAD, ArcGIS, etc.) in order to design plans for the natural gas system.  Additionally, I acquired and applied project management skills that have and will help me as I return to school and advance in my career.  The co-op development system at JEA provided an opportunity for me to integrate the knowledge acquired in school with the technical aspects entailed in gas system engineering.  I was able to work with multiple Professional Engineers who encouraged daily personal and professional growth within engineering practices. As I have learned from my experience, engineering co-ops play a vital role in the company since they are heavily involved in projects from their initial surveys, schematic designs, cost estimations, and, finally, construction.  The fifteen-month experience I had at JEA far outweighed my expectations as I was completely involved and thoroughly enjoyed employment with one of the top utility providers in Tennessee.  Personally, I believe that this co-operative education program offered by JEA positions an engineering student considerably ahead of their colleagues for beginning a career in engineering."

Clinton (Alex) Hill, Tennessee Technological University

"I have been very pleased with my experiences as a Co-Op in the water and wastewater divisions at Jackson Energy Authority. The most rewarding skill that I have learned is how to manage large construction projects. From planning and cost estimation to field surveying and design work, I played a significant role in every step of the way from a project’s inception to its completion. It has been very satisfying for me to learn the technical skills needed to overcome challenges and help contribute to the growth of a strong and growing community."

Bennett Lamb, Water/Wastewater Co-Op, Tennessee Technological University

"One of the most rewarding things about my co-op experience at JEA was the involvement in real-life projects. Completing the AUTOCAD drawings and then seeing my projects come to fruition was very rewarding. It’s cool to be able to say that there are subdivisions in Jackson, TN in which I had a hand in the process of the electrical design/development. I would definitely recommend JEA to anyone considering co-op opportunities!"

Josh Williams, University of Tennessee at Martin