Due to equipment maintenance, compost is not available at this time.

Give Your Plants an Edge with Compost.

Jackson Energy Authority compost will enrich the growth of your plants, shrubs and lawn. The compost is a controlled blend of wood chips (or leaves) and biosolids, which are the excess microorganisms used in the wastewater treatment process.

Types of Compost:

  • Basic:  A controlled blend of wood chips and biosolids, $15 per cubic yard.
  • Premium: A finer blend of leaves and biosolids, takes longer to make and is available in limited quantities for $25 per cubic yard.

The compost is one result of our Green Scene experiments to find ways to recycle biosolids, which are rich in nutrients. We have been using the compost on our own landscaping for several years. The nutrient-enriched compost looks and smells like potting soil and has a neutral pH. Our basic compost has a rougher texture because of the wood chips.

How do we make the compost?

We combine biosolids with wood chips or leaves in a long outdoor bed to make compost. The natural composting process generates heat, which breaks down the wood chips and leaves and kills pathogens. The compost is turned every three days during the 30-day process. The final product meets all requirements for safe handling by the Environment Protection Agency and the Tennessee Division of Water Pollution Control.

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