Water Treatment

The ability to turn on the tap to get a safe, clean, great-tasting drink of water is an achievement that this community is fortunate to have. Jackson energy Authority strives to not only protect our water supply but also provide our customers with the safest, most reliable drinking water supply at the highest quality.

Source Water

The source wells located throughout the city pump groundwater from the aquifers roughly 300 ft below the surface and pipe it to the cascade aerator.


Source water is then pumped to the top of the aerator and cascades down over a series of trays. Air is naturally inducted into the water flow to remove dissolved gases, oxidize iron and increase oxygen content in the water.


Once the source water has been aerated, lime is added to raise the pH level causing the hardness in the water to precipitate out and chlorine is added to disinfect the water.


The water then enters a detention basin where it is held for a limited period of time to allow sufficient time for the chlorine to disinfect the water.


Next, the water flows to the filter room where it moves through large filters composed of sand, gravel and anthracite to remove any remaining microscopic particles or microorganisms.


Following filtration, phosphate is added to chemically stabilize the water to protect against corrosion and any iron, lead or copper that could leach into the water from the distribution system or plumbing in homes/businesses. A small amount of fluoride is added for dental health.


Treated water is stored in underground reservoirs and is pumped as needed to storage tanks, pump stations and distribution sites. Water stored in elevated tanks helps stabilize pressure in the distribution system and serves as an emergency reserve for fire protection.


The treated water is now pumped from the distribution sites and water mains to homes, businesses and industries throughout our community. When you turn on the tap, you now have access to safe, high-quality and great-tasting water.