Repairs & Rehabilitation

Following a comprehensive approach to identify inflow and infiltration sources along the wastewater system, assessments are made to determine the type of repair or rehabilitation technique to be used. Deterioration in the system is inevitable and complete reconstruction can be costly and time consuming. The goal is to maximize the lifespan of the system while minimizing repair and rehab costs, which in turn helps protect the integrity of the system.

While various innovative techniques to repair and rehabilitate the wastewater system exist, the type used depends on many factors including the cause of deterioration, the severity of the issues and budget. While the most basic solution to repair inflow and infiltration problem areas is to excavate and replace the pipe, it is not preferred as it’s the most costly, disruptive technique. Common methods of less disruptive and lower cost techniques for repair and rehabilitation include:

Other methods applicable for repair and rehabilitation but seldom used include:

Repair and rehabilitation of the wastewater system can be an overwhelming, costly project to undertake. With our proactive comprehensive wastewater management program in place, the necessary but costly repairs and rehabilitation can be maintained in a phased approach. In addition to determining the best method for rehabilitation, this approach allows Jackson Energy Authority to prioritize projects based on the likelihood and consequences of failure to maximize the system’s operating budget.