$4 and a World of Change.

You can buy green power in 150-kilowatt-hour blocks (about 10 to 12 percent of a typical household's monthly use). Each block you sign up to purchase will add $4 to your monthly power bill, and you can buy just one block or as many as you like. The green power you help pay for will be used throughout the Valley as part of TVA's total power mix. Why does green power cost more? Because while renewable resources like sunlight may be free, the technology used to capture the energy these resources produce is still more expensive than traditional power generation methods. It's a small price to pay for a brighter tomorrow. Signing up for the Green Power Switch program takes very little energy. Simply call Jackson Energy Authority at 422-7500 or visit www.greenpowerswitch.com.

Green Power Switch renewable supply includes 78% wind, 21.5% methane, and .5% solar. The length of your Green Power Switch agreement is voluntary, and it may be terminated at any time with no termination fee.

RECYCLING: 15,322 reasons to join the cause

The reasons for making the switch to green power are numerous. In fact, purchasing two blocks of green power per month for one year is the environmental equivalent of recycling 15,322 aluminum cans, 1,766 pounds of newspaper or planting an acre of trees. Of course, we still encourage participating in traditional methods of recycling. Because looking after the environment is one effort that requires everyone's energy.

Where does green power come from?


The sun is an incredibly powerful source of energy. that's why TVA is using photovoltaic panels to transform solar energy into useable electricity. In several locations around the region, the sun's light is collected in solar panels. When rays of sunshine strike a solar panel, they give some of the electrons inside it more energy, which creates an electric current.


High atop Buffalo Mountain in East Tennessee, eighteen wind turbines are keeping the winds of change blowing. The 260-foot tall turbines use the natural power of the wind to turn the large blades, which are attached to the shaft of an electric generator. It's the first commercial-scale use of wind power to generate electricity in the southeastern United States.


Energy from methane gas is provided by the City of Memphis wastewater treatment facility, which produces a methane by-product that is co-fired with coal at TVA's Allen Fossil Plant. The use of methane fuel eliminates the consumption of more than 20,000 tons of coal per year.

Green Power

Generation Partners:
Are you considering installing solar panels or a small wind turbine at your home or business? Visit www.greenpowerswitch.com to learn more about becoming a Green Power Switch Generation Partner.