Covered by Service Assurance Plan

  • Identification and repair of inside telephone wire, telephone jacks, cable wiring, cable outlets.
  • Identification and repair of coaxial, Category 5, and two-pair copper telephone wiring from point of demarcation to the customer’s television, converter, computer, or telephone jack.
  • Replacement of fittings, splitters, amplifiers, and outlets installed or existing in accordance with accepted industry standards, as determined by EPlus Broadband, regardless of installer or vendor.
  • Outlets used to transmit EPlus Broadband services, regardless of installer or vendor.
  • Telephone outlets, regardless of installer or vendor.
  • Telephone wiring for EPlus Broadband Telephone customers.
  • Customer education.
  • Service trouble diagnosis.
  • Service affecting issues.
  • Any non customer-caused service calls.
  • Wiring that connects the outlet to the customer’s devices or to other equipment.
    Equipment such as: Component RCA cables/S-Video/component video cables
    Telephone wiring between the telephone jack and telephone VCR Commander/IR Blaster.

NOT Covered by Plan

  • Telephone wire, data wire, and cable wire located beyond the connection point outside the customer’s home.
  • Complex wiring such as Structured Wiring panels.
  • Rewiring after a home is destroyed or damaged by fire, flood, earthquake, other natural disasters, vandalism, gross negligence, or willful damage.
  • Cable, data, or telephone wiring that runs between or among separate or attached buildings, apartments, or dwelling units in a multi-tenant property that are not related to the customer’s inside wiring.
  • Inside cable wire and cable outlets used to receive cable or other video services provided by another company.
  • Competitor’s outside drop wiring.
  • Wiring used to transmit Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) or Voice over DSL services.
  • Any wires, including Category 5, used to network computers.
  • Inside cable outlets and cable wire used to receive unauthorized cable service.
  • Initial installation of service and the installation of new jacks, new wiring, or rewiring.
  • Correction of problems existing prior to establishment of cable television service with EPlus Broadband.
  • Repair or replacement of telephones, fax machines, answering machines, modems, television sets, DVD players, home theater systems, entertainment systems, gaming systems, VCRs, set-top boxes used for channel selection, or equipment leased or provided for receiving video or other services, or any other equipment.
  • Damage or loss of EPlus Broadband issued equipment including, converters and remote controls.
  • Running additional wiring through walls, or “wall-fishing”.
  • Wiring inside walls of apartment complexes.


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