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General Service Questions

How do I get or sign up for service?

Call 731-422-7500 to speak with one of our friendly service representatives.

I’m a Jackson Energy Authority customer. Why can’t I get service?

Services are available to customers who reside inside Jackson Energy Authority’s current electric service area. This is due to our fiber facilities being attached to electric poles.

Do customers need an existing account relationship with Jackson Energy Authority to obtain broadband service?

Yes, since we bill customers on their existing Jackson Energy Authority utility bill, one requirement is that services for broadband be applied for by the account of record for existing utilities.

After I place my order, how long will it take to get service?

We anticipate most orders to be completed within 7 days. Many will occur well inside this timeframe. The timing will depend primarily upon when the service is requested, weather restrictions, any additional wiring requirements as well as issues related to transferring your local telephone number if telephone service is included. Our customer service representatives will keep you apprised of scheduling to assure we meet your specific needs at the time you requested service.

Will I have to sign a contract?

JEA doesn’t require contracts for regular monthly services. Deeply discounted packages may require participation commitments to secure lower rates.


Before moving, it is important for the customer to call Jackson Energy Authority to ensure an efficient and orderly disconnect or transfer. Calling ahead is extremely vital to those customers who have telephone service with JEA. This advance notice allows Customer Service time to port your number so that you may keep your existing telephone number. Any converters, remote-control devices and other equipment provided by JEA should be returned to JEA should a customer decide to disconnect services. In the event of loss, theft or other failure to return these items, the customer is liable for these items and will continue to be billed until the equipment is returned.

"Call Before You Dig"

Customers may have underground utility lines/cables located in their yards. Digging into an underground cable line, phone line, electric cable, gas line or water and/or wastewater line could result in serious personal injury, service interruptions, property damage or pollution of the environment. A customer should call 811 at least 72 hours (excluding holidays and weekends) prior to excavation to request location of underground utilities. If utility lines/cables are cut without a proper request for locations, a customer may be liable for charges. Visit for more information.

How is my service billed?

EPlus Broadband services, where applicable, are itemized on Jackson Energy Authority monthly statements. The JEA statement provides a listing of all charges (including pay-per-view purchases), payments, credits, and special messages regarding service or price changes. JEA bills for EPlus Broadband services on a monthly basis, in arrears, in the same manner as its utility services are billed. All billed JEA services are due and payable together. Partial payments for JEA services, if permitted, will be applied to all services on the invoice proportionately to the amount of each service billed. Each customer's account is assigned to a monthly billing cycle which follows closely to the approximate date each month that their utility meters are read.

What does "pro-rate" or "partial-month" mean?

EPlus Broadband services are provided on a month-to-month basis. Charges for service start within 24 hours after service is installed. Depending on the date of installation, all charges show the range of service dates and the corresponding costs for that service. For example, if a billing cycle is from the 1st to the 30th of the month, and services begin/change on the 15th of that month, charges on the bill will be pro-rated for only the days of service from the 15th to the 30th.

What is a Franchise Fee?

A franchise fee is paid by JEA directly to the City of Jackson or Madison County for use of public rights of way and the right to operate a cable television system in our community. The franchise fee is calculated as 5% of collected cable television revenues, and this fee is passed on to the customer. The JEA billing statement will identify the franchise fee amount invoiced to the customer that will be paid by JEA to the City and County.

What is the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) regulatory fee?

Provided for in the FCC rules, this is a charge used to fund federal government oversight and regulation of cable television operations in this country.

When is my bill due?

JEA bills will show the total amount due and the payment due date. When subscribing to our services, a customer agrees to pay us monthly by the payment due date reflected on the monthly bill for that service and for any other charges due JEA, including any administrative late fees and related fees, charges, and assessments due to late payments or non-payments, any returned check fees, and other separate or additional fees. The due date is indicated at the top of the JEA monthly statement. Please allow for sufficient mailing time to ensure that payments reach JEA by the due date.

Where can I pay my bill?

Your JEA bill can be paid automatically, in person or online. To pay bills via automatic bank draft, please call 731-422-7500 to establish bank draft payments. JEA also has two locations to serve customers with walk-up windows, drive-thru windows and drop boxes. Please check our website at or call 731-422-7500 for payment office hours. Payments can also be made online via our website at Please visit the site for more details.

What if there is a billing error?

If there are billing errors or other requests for credit, those must be brought to JEA's attention within six (6) months from the time the bill is received.

What is the late fee policy?

Charges for services are due by the date indicated on JEA's monthly statement. If payment of the previous billing period is not shown on a customer's statement, the payment may not have reached JEA on time, resulting in a late notice on the bill. Paying the JEA bill within 15 days of receipt will avoid this notice. A late fee will be assessed to accounts not paid in full each month. Late fees are 5% on the first $250/service on the unpaid bill plus 1% on any remaining balance thereafter. The policy protects our current paying subscribers, who otherwise would be subsidizing increased costs caused by late-paying subscribers. Delinquent customers may also be charged for the reasonable costs of collection or other actions, including, but not limited to, the costs of a collection agency, reasonable attorney's fees, and court costs.


Cable TV

What is our cable channel line-up?

We have a full array of all the popular cable networks including digital networks and multi channel HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, STARZ, and Pay-Per-View programming as well as High Definition programming on several channels.

Will I need new wires in my house for cable?

In most cases, customers will be able to use their existing cable and phone lines inside the home.

Can I buy channels a la carte?

Due to contract requirements from programmers JEA is not allowed to offer channels individually, however we offer various levels of our services.

Do you offer packages?

Yes. We surveyed our customers and used this information to create packages designed to meet our customers' needs.

Do you have Pay-Per-View?

Yes. We offer Pay-Per-View programming with start times staggered every 30 minutes for your convenience.

Cable Troubleshooting Tips:

EPlus Broadband works to do everything possible to provide the highest quality digital signal quality and service. From time to time, you may experience a problem that can easily be fixed. Checking the troubleshooting list will save you time and may even save you money for unnecessary television repair. Before you call EPlus Broadband with questions, please review these troubleshooting tips: 1. Make sure your TV and the Digital Set-Top Converter are plugged into a live electrical outlet and are turned ON. 2. If you use a Digital Set-Top Converter, make sure your TV is tuned to channel 3 or appropriate input. 3. Check to make sure all the connections to your TV, VCR and converter are properly tightened. 4. If you have a cable ready TV, make sure it is switched to "CATV." 5. If you have more than one cable outlet, check to see if the same problem is occurring on all TVs connected to our cable television service. 6. Check all the channels to determine if the problem is only on one channel, on all channels or on a group of channels. 7. Check the batteries in the remote to make sure they are working properly. 8. If you have no picture, check the channel setting on the converter and TV set. Also, check program guide listing to make sure the channel is broadcasting during this time slot. Lastly, check to make sure you subscribe to this channel. If the problem is not resolved from this list, please call EPlus Broadband at 731-422-7500 and we will resolve the problem in a timely manner.

About Your Digital Set-top Converter:

Watching television after connection to cable is easy. Turn on both the television set and the converter (if your converter model has an on/off switch). Make sure the television set is tuned to the output channel of your converter (Ch. 3) or appropriate input and then select the desired channel through the channel tuner on the converter with the remote control unit or on the converter itself. To ensure reliable operation, make sure the converter is plugged into a "live" electrical outlet, not one that is controlled by a light switch. Loss of power to some converters may result in a temporary loss of cable service, even after the power is restored.

Parental Control

EPlus Broadband understands that there may be certain television programs and channels available that customers find unsuitable for members of their household. EPlus Broadband advises customers to periodically review cable channels for inappropriate or offensive programming and utilize the parental control features available through the Digital Set-Top Converter. The parental control features enable customers to block programming by channel and by program ratings. Download to learn more about "Parental Control Settings"



How fast will Internet be?

The different speeds are an indication of how fast your Internet files are downloaded from one computer to another over the Internet. Speeds are measured in the form of Kilobits and Megabits per second. A typical dialup modem can achieve download speeds between 28.8 and 56 Kilobits per second, or 28 Kbps to 56 Kbps (also abbreviated as 28K to 56K). Dial-up modem speeds are very slow compared to the various broadband speeds that EPlus Broadband offers. Currently we offer speeds up to 1000 Mbps (1 Gigabit).

What is upload vs. download?

The download speed is the measure of how fast the your computer can download a file from the Internet. The upload speed is the measure of speed from your computer to the Internet.

How do I figure out which speed is right for me?

Click here to view our Speed Recommendation Chart. You can use this chart to determine a range of speeds that fit your activities.

Do you have a block for the Internet that keeps kids from going to inappropriate sites?

If you are interested in Internet security, there are multiple software programs available on the market which offer monitoring, blocking and filtering of chat sessions, email, web sites and search requests. A list of filtering and parental control programs can be found at

Will you offer packages?

Yes. We surveyed our customers and used this information to create packages designed to meet our customers' needs.

Will I need new wires in my house for internet?

Our high speed internet services will require the installation of CAT5 WIRING which is just about the size of telephone wiring. Our service personnel will install this during the installation of your order. Your computer must currently have/or be capable of accepting a network card to receive the speeds we will offer. (CAT 5 is the wire from your wall and the network card is the device where the wire attaches to your computer.) No modem will be required to receive our Internet services.

Are there any minimum PC requirements?

Most PC's will be capable of achieving the minimum requirements of our system. If you have any questions our personnel are capable of advising you regarding your computers specific requirements. Click here to view our computer requirements. Email

What do I need to do to get started with

Log in to your email account at with your username and password.

What is the URL to access features and services?


I forgot my password. How do I retrieve it?

If you need assistance with new account activation or account management, call 731-422-7500 to speak to one of our customer service representatives.



Will I need to change phone numbers if I order EPlus telephone?

No. You will be able to keep your same phone number with your new service or receive a new number. This is the choice of the customer. However, local number portability is not available to customer from a cellular service or certain VoIP services.

What features are available with your telephone service?

You may add a Feature Pak to your telephone service. Each feature is described in our Telephone Feature Guide.

What is the battery backup for my telephone service?

EPlus Broadband telephone service includes a FREE Battery Backup installed by Jackson Energy Authority (JEA) in the equipment box which terminates JEA's fiber network, generally located on the outside of your home or business. This Battery Backup enables your JEA telephone service for E911 calls to function during a power outage for approximately eight hours. In the event of an outage limit unnecessary phone calls to preserve battery life.


Pricing Questions

How much will service cost?

Our prices will be very competitive with other cable and satellite providers.

Will I have to pay in advance?

Monthly service will be billed after you use the service. An advance deposit may be required depending on an individual’s credit history.

What is the cost of installation?

There may be a small installation fee for wiring within the home, however these charges may be waived during introductory or special promotions.

Will all services be on one bill or separate bills?

For your convenience, all new changes and services will be on your current Jackson Energy Authority utility bill.

Will discounts be offered to customers subscribing to all services?

Yes. Customers will receive discounts for taking multiple services. Click here to view our Packages and Pricing.

Will you offer Senior Citizen Discounts?

Jackson Energy Authority has already discounted all of our services for all customers.