Faster, smarter and easier to use

Your new visually rich on-screen experience is now more immersive, powerful and personalized. The New Experience from TiVo gets you to your favorite shows faster than ever before, while also learning what you like to make accurate and intuitive recommendations. And, when you get the new voice remote, just say what you’re looking for to find it, quickly and easily, so there’s less searching and more watching.

The New Experience from TiVo, gives you powerful access to:

Voice Control

Push the remote’s blue Voice button, speak your command, and the New Experience simultaneously searches across your live TV, recordings and streaming services, delivering personalized results based on what you watch and when you watch it. Try saying, "Show me action movies with Bruce Willis," "Comedies on right now," a movie quote like "Hasta la vista, baby," or simple commands like changing channels and setting up a OnePassTM, and you’ll be amazed how fast you can find what you’re looking for. *Call for availability

Smart Bar™

Instantly see your go-to shows on the new SmartBar™, automatically configured based on the time of day and day of week. The New Experience from TiVo learns what you like, delivering accurate and intuitive recommendations to help the kids get to their favorite cartoons in the afternoon and the parents to their must-see shows at night.

Quick View™

Access QuickView, a revolutionary way to get the most from your TV, without ever leaving full-screen. Click an arrow and subtle edge menus appear, showing what programs are playing on different tuners, what’s on your favorite channels, your SmartBar predictions and a mini guide that lets you browse the program guide one channel at a time – without ever missing a full-screen moment.

What to Watch

Browse the new "What to Watch" section, where it’s easier than ever to find something new. Browse by category, such as action movies or college football. In What to Watch, these categories’ programs are ranked by what you’ve watched in the past.

Universal Search

Simultaneously explore all your live TV, recordings and streaming services. No switching inputs or juggling remotes, all your favorite shows, movies and sports are together in a single place.

Customize your home screen shortcuts, so you can get to your favorite channels and apps with just the push of a button.

TVs, Tablets and Phones

Enjoy a seamless multi-screen experience. At home or on the go, the New Experience from TiVo brings your favorites with you and knows where you left off. Start on your TV, then take it to your tablet or phone, so you can watch what you want, where you want.

Smart Home Compatible

Unlock the unlimited potential of your smart home by pairing the New Experience with your smart devices and a voice-powered home assistant, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. Hands-free voice control, like pausing your show when you’ve got your hands full in the kitchen, is only the beginning.

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