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 EPlus Broadband offers digital set-top converters to its customers for an additional monthly charge, depending upon the type of digital set-top converter requested by the customer. Customers may choose between a standard digital converter and a High-Definition digital set-top converter that also features Digital Video Recording capability. All digital set-top converters feature an interactive program guide, remote control, and Stingray Music, a multi-channel, commercial-free digital music service. Customers may also opt to use a Digital TV with CableCARD™ that will authorize encrypted digital programming. For equipment monthly prices, view the pricing sheet.

HD Converter:

All-digital set-top boxes including Electronic Program Guide (EPG), High Definition, and Stingray Music® (channels 901-950).

 Motorola DCX700


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It's more powerful than a DVR. Record up to 6 HD shows at once. Stream TV and recorded shows to your iOS device and more! Requires EPlus Broadband Cable, Internet and Home Area Networking service.

Smart Box Converter: HD/DVR

All-digital set-top boxes including Electronic Program Guide (EPG) High Definition (HD), Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Capability, and Music Choice® (channels 901-946).

Smart Box Converter

 Converter box style may vary from picture. Motorola DCT6412 Dual Tuner DVR, DCT3412 Dual Tuner DVR, DCH3412 Dual Tuner DVR, DCX3300, DCX3400, DCX3501, DCX3510


 Requires a Digital TV equipped to accept a CableCARD™.

Remote Controls

 Remote control units are provided with the digital set-top converters available from JEA. These remote control units are programmed to also control other equipment the customer may have, such as televisions, VCRs, and DVDs. Customers may also purchase "universal" remote control units from consumer electronics stores that are capable of working with JEA's converters.


Visit the FAQ page for tips on how to connect the equipment to your TV.

Except for the inside wiring, which is the customer's property regardless of who installed it, the equipment installed by EPlus Broadband belongs to JEA unless the customer has purchased it. JEA may, at our option, supply new or reconditioned equipment to customers. You agree to be responsible for the loss, theft, or damage of any equipment listed on this form. If your set top converter device or other equipment issued to you is lost or damaged, please contact your insurance company to file a claim.  For terms and conditions, visit our policies page.

"Cable Ready" and Cable "Compatible" Equipment: Most of the newer television (including those equipped to use the CableCARD™ technology), DVD's and VCR's are cable compatible and can receive the analog television signals carried on the cable system if those signals have not been digitally encoded to secure the signal. "Cable-ready" television sets may be connected directly to the cable system and receive the signals, therefore they would not require a converter. Those television that are not "cable ready" cannot receive the large number of digital or high-definition channels offered by JEA. In order to receive these channels, as well as to descramble certain optional premium or pay-per-view services, you may require a Digital Set-Top Converter. Converters and remote controls are available from EPlus Broadband on a monthly lease basis. The converter receives secure analog signals, digital signals, or HDTV signals that are carried on the cable system and converts them to a designated channel (usually 3 or 4) on your television, DVD or VCR. Some converters also provide video and audio outputs, which can be connected to the video and audio inputs of the customer's applicable devices. Even if an older TV or VCR is advertised as being "cable ready" or "cable compatible," the equipment may not perform as you expected when connected directly to cable. These problems are often solved through the use of the converter. The process of converting all of our channels to a designated channel means that one channel can be received on a TV at a time through the converter. This means there may be certain features of the TV or VCR that cannot be used without additional equipment. For example, taping one program while watching another, recording two or more consecutive programs that appear on different channels, and the use of picture-in-picture may not be possible without additional equipment. If a converter is used, and there are problems using the special features, additional special equipment may be necessary to regain some or all of these features. EPlus Broadband will consult with the customer in order to determine what specific equipment may include an additional converter, or, if the customer has a receiver that can tune JEA's cable channels, an A/B switch will enable the customer to by-pass the converter and tune all unscrambled channels with their TV or VCR.

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