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Standard Cable TV (Basic & Expanded)

Enjoy Standard Cable TV service including local channels, Nashville and Memphis networks (WTVF CBS, WKNO PBS, WMC NBC) and more.

  • Basic Service - 42 Channels (Basic, Basic Digital and Basic HD). Includes local and distant broadcast stations, locally produced programming, CSPAN and CSPAN2, shopping networks, weather and other information services. Cable customers must subscribe to Basic Service in order to subscribe to any other tiers of cable service offered by EPlus Broadband.
  • Expanded Service - 132 Channels (23-88 and Expanded HD) added to Basic Service. Expanded service is an optional level of service above and beyond Basic Service and is billed in addition to Basic Service. This tier may include many of the non-premium cable channels such as ESPN, MLB Network, SEC Network, Discovery Channel, HGTV, USA, TNT and Disney Channel.
  • Channels 190-290 require a digital television and/or HD converter.

Digital Plus Tier

You get more of your favorite family, kids, and sports programming with digital picture quality and sound.

  • 80 Channels (101-159 and Digital Plus HD 701-760) added to Basic Service. Digital service is an optional level of services that provide additional groups of programming networks in crisp digital quality picture and sound. Digital service is offered in standard definition or High-Definition formats.
  • Digital Service is available for a separate monthly charge and requires the use of a digital set-top converter or a Digital TV with CableCARD™ to receive these channels.
  • Stingray Music Channels (901-950) come with the digital set-top converter if you opt for a box.

HDTV, DVR, TiVo®, Multi-Room HD DVR Service

Enjoy the outstanding TV watching experience of High-Definition service featuring widescreen programming with the best quality picture and sound.

  • HD Tier – 5 Channels added to Basic HD and Expanded HD. Over 60 HD Channels! *Requires Basic & Expanded service.
  • Smart Box, TiVo®, or HD converter required for HD service.

Smart Box/DVR converter box - you can pause, rewind, and record live TV.

New! Add Multi-Room HD/DVR Service to your Smart Box HD/DVR to connect the other converter boxes in your home. Watch recorded events in one room and change rooms without missing a thing.

TiVo® - More powerful than a DVR. Record up to 6 HD shows at once. Stream TV and recorded shows to your iOS device and more! *Requires EPlus Broadband Cable, Internet and Home Area Networking service.


EPlus Broadband customers may purchase individual movies, sporting events, and other presentations on a Pay-Per-View basis for a varying price per program. Pay-per-view offerings may also include seasonal sports packages consisting of several channels that offer a selection of sporting events on a daily or weekly basis for a single seasonal price. All pay-per-view programs require the use of a digital set-top converter or CableCARD™. You can order from your remote, have access to events only on PPV, and set parental controls.

Stingray Music

Simply the best music you can enjoy in your home or business. You get 50 channels of 24-hour commercial-free music for listeners of all ages and interests with crystal clear, digital, CD-quality sound. Music Channel Line-Up.

A Note About Programming

Programming offered is subject to change at any time with advance notice to customers. EPlus Broadband receives programming from various non-cable and cable networks. We are not responsible for the content of programs aired by these networks and do not alter the programming schedule. Programming complaints or questions should be directed to the respective cable or broadcast networks.

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