EPlus Broadband: JEA’s telecommunications network.

Jackson Energy Authority launched EPlus Broadband in 2004 and set out to build a unique broadband network, owned by the community, to deliver an extraordinary level of service and value to customers. Leveraging infrastructure expertise, Jackson Energy Authority built one of the nation’s largest, most advanced fiber optic broadband networks. With its unsurpassed bandwidth capacity, our fiber optic network is designed to serve the rapidly expanding telecommunications needs of our customers well into the future. Known around the world, our network has twice been recognized as the best in the nation.

Cutting-Edge, But Dependable Technology

JEA very carefully selected a network design that is “future proof” to technology changes. The fiber network is a signal pathway that has unlimited capacity to handle any future bandwidth demands. It does not contain electronic components that can become obsolete, unlike other local systems that were built with limited bandwidth capability and will require additional capital investment to meet future needs.

The nation’s vast communications infrastructure is clearly being built with fiber optic cable. This is important to businesses and telecommuters who need to transmit heavy data volume to and from their workplace. While alternative wireless technologies are being explored around the nation, that technology is limited in its ability to transmit data at high speeds in both directions. Additionally, wireless technology is not as secure as dedicated fiber connectivity. Businesses will not want to transmit sensitive information over the air and risk competitive interception.

EPlus Broadband is uniquely positioned to deliver any telecommunications need the community may require to compete in the new economy. We offer local service, bundled pricing, convenience, speed and reliability. Whether you need Cable TV, Internet or Telephone service, you can count on us!

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