Jackson Energy Authority was born from a heritage of service that started in the late 19th century when electric power, manufactured gas, and a public water and wastewater system were first provided in Jackson. Created in 1959 under the name of Jackson Utility Division, three separate utilities (natural gas, electricity, and water/ wastewater) joined together with a private act of the Tennessee Legislature. At our request in 2001, the Tennessee Legislature approved another private act that modernized Jackson Utility Division's corporate structure. At that point, we changed our name to Jackson Energy Authority.

Celebrating 50 Years

An Opportunity To Better Serve Our Customers.

In addition to offering electricity, natural gas, propane, water, and wastewater services, in 2004 we set out to build a broadband network designed to serve the rapidly expanding telecommunications needs of our customers well into the future. 

As one of the nation’s largest and most advanced fiber optic broadband networks, our system delivers an extraordinary level of service and value to customers. Our fiber optic network, owned by our community, provides cable tv, high speed internet, and telephone service to our customers.

We've grown through the years by adding services and offering convenient locations to meet the needs of our community. Our facilities include the Customer Center (Downtown) at 351 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Drive, and the Customer Center (The Columns, North) at 2030 Pleasant Plains Extended, substations, operation and distribution centers, treatment plants, pumping stations, and other locations throughout the Jackson area.